Saturday , March 6 2021

Gisele Bündchen put silicon over insecurity … and complained

the discovery does not stop! Gisele Bündchen used her new autobiographical book My Path to Meaningful Life to talk about her career, her marriage to Tom Brady and the uncertainties she felt about her body after her mother.

With a successful career in the fashion world, the Brazilian model received the nickname "TheBody". A nickname that quickly turned into the pressure and insecurities that grew after the birth of two children – Benjamin and Vivian.

"If I did a job, some people would comment directly or indirectly," What happened to the chest? "They said, or" Your breasts have become so small! "Some even suggested putting a silicone filler in my bra, these were the critiques that motivated his first insecurity.

"I felt that I could not live up to the expectations of others and give me the best. Still, it was impossible to have the body I had before I was a mother," complains Gisele, who saw silicone as a good choice to regain self-confidence.

"I chose to trust the surgeon, believing that he knew what was best for me …" The model was convinced of the operation, but soon after he realized he had made a mistake. "When the surgery ended, I could not identify the body, not just as I imagined, I was angry and depressed", he acknowledges.

Still, Gisele says he learned a lesson from the whole situation: "Listen first to your inner voice, be clear about what you really want before making important decisions."

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