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Google Maps has received news already on the Play Store!

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There has been a dark regime on the agenda in recent months, also known as "dark mode". In fact, everyone (or almost) wants it. Some for aesthetic reasons and to spare the eyes. Others love it for reducing their energy consumption. This is especially true for those with an OLED display. Now Google has not stopped implementing this theme in its applications. Once it arrives in Gmail, there is evidence that it is preparing to go to Google Maps until it is already in the Play Store.

Google Maps gets news already on the Play Store!

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In fact, there was some evidence here and there as to how the Android Police page reports. It's true that this interface already has a dark mode, but only when browsing. Plus, we were always given a white interface.

As we've seen in the Google Search app, in some places the Maps dark mode appears in the app. It is actually more visible on buttons and menus. However, he is not yet ready for release. From the beginning, it only seems to affect small parts of the interface. In addition, there is still black text on the dark background, making it difficult to read.

However, although Maps work is not yet complete, the Play Store is already complete. However, the new dark mode follows the same material design that the Play Store already had and was introduced in August. This made implementation easier. In practice, it's just changing the white background to a very dark gray. This is what happened to other applications. Still, it would not be a bad idea to have a dark mode with black rather than grays. Not only does this save the eye, but dark mode can help save a lot of battery power.

Focusing again in a dark way, everything changed. By that we mean the main feed, the navigation drawer and the bottom bar. The search bar uses a lighter tone.

However, a few details have been adapted. The idea is that nothing shines too brightly, even green tones are not so common in this app store. This is more blurry.

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