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Huawei develops its own operating system

No one at this point stands up for Huawei's dedication to the Android ecosystem and collaboration with Google. Not only is Huawei part of Android Enterprise Recommended, but has become the first brand to commit to the Fuchsia operating system. This does not mean that Huawei does not follow its own way in terms of the operating system, which seems to have been confirmed by the brand manager.

Huawei has Android on its own, and although it has more than enough power to develop its own operating system, it just seemed financially attractive. The problem may have been the influence that the US administration had in spreading a picture of Huawei as a security risk. Instead of simply hindering the commercialization of Huawei in the United States, Americans were the driving force in a particular state of hysteria over Huawei.

More important, perhaps, is the violence of recent embargoes on ZTE, after technological supply to Iran, a country under the US embargo. Embargo has in fact removed ZTE's access to US-owned equipment such as Qualcomm and although Google has been left out of this issue, there is no guarantee that the US administration at some point can not ensure that the Android system is banned from perceived companies as being harmful.

There is a lot of ignorance and irresponsibility even of the possibility of such a measure, but the recent past has shown us that these two elements are common in deciding the current US government. Huawei's response can be nothing more than fleeing forward, developing an operating system that does not have to respond to anyone.

Whoever seems to have confirmed this operating system was Bruce Lee, vice president of the Huawei Mobile Area, though without giving proper details on deadlines and functionality. Huawei certainly has the know-how to create this new operating system that should remain compatible with Android, a status that EMUI already enjoys.

Is this the best option for Huawei?

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