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Huawei Opens 5G Support Center in Portugal – Technologies

Huawei will open a regional support center in Portugal in September to serve several European countries such as England and Germany. The announcement was announced on Thursday, July 18, by a Portuguese subsidiary at a meeting with journalists.

The choice of a mother in Portugal – who has experienced a fierce period of time due to a trade war between China and the US and allegations of alleged security problems in its infrastructure – has been divided into three specific aspects: "This is a country with qualified staff where many people have a fluid knowledge English language and work costs are competitive, "said Samuel Ferreira, head of Huawei Portugal 5G areas and wireless solutions.

By the end of the year, the company expects to employ 30 engineers in this new center, said Tony Li, executive director of the Portuguese subsidiary.

In practice, this unit will provide optimization services for 4G and 5G mobile networks in different countries.

However, the respondents did not want to detail the investment in the opening of this center, revealing that Huawei invested 160 million euros in Portugal in 2018, including taxes and purchases from local suppliers, representing an increase of 40%.

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