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In the traffic of Braga, a cyclist beat up a famous car driver

The dean of the University of Minh on Monday criticized "huge difficulties" and "immeasurable delay," responding with a higher education housing plan, saying two of the four buildings that would be converted into university residences were rejected.

The remarks made by Rui Viera de Castro were made after the General Council of the University for student accommodation.

Outside of the requirement to rehabilitate state dormitories, the former D. Luís de Castro High School in Braga and the Rosa Lima Convent in Guimarães.

"[É uma] It is an embarrassingly profound situation that has been overcome by tremendous difficulties and tremendous delay in responses from the higher education relocation plan, "Rui Vieira de Castro said of removing these buildings from the Minhu Student Enhancement Plan.

According to the dean, the two properties "were deemed ineligible in that the intervention there would not meet the requirements the fund has."

Rui Viera de Castro said there were only two properties left to convert to student housing: “The Army Buildings in Braga and the Santa Luzia School in Guimarães.

UMinh's residency residences were built in 1998 for a total of 14,000 students, and the university currently has nearly 20,000 students and there are many complaints about the "lack and cost" of student accommodation available.

Minho University operates two centers, one in Braga and the other in Guimarães, with the exception of the Design Institute, which also operates in Guimarães.

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