Tuesday , May 18 2021

"Jô Caneças has been using it for a long time" – Television

Since debuting in SIC, it has lasted for three months, Cristina Ferreira tries to change the visuals that are being displayed to the public at any cost, either through the program or through social networks. This Sunday he shared a photo to see that he was holding a new trend, originally from Korea, but got a few criticisms from his fans' legion.

Five nails, five different colors. With that point pointed out that the head of "The Cristina Program", SIC, on Sunday posted a photo on Instagram. Style, originally from Korea, has become fashionable all over the world, and Cristina Ferreira, a well-known newcomer, did not hesitate to adhere to the trend. However, the fans were not very happy.

Throughout the comment box in the same publication, many of the followers of television professionals have expressed their mind about the new style, and there have been those who remembered the social Jô Caneças, who died on March 4, a pancreatic cancer victim.

"Oh Cristina, Jô Caneças has been using this fashion for a long time, so it's a trend" demodée "or Joe was far ahead, but I personally do not like and not all are good," the fan fired. "I do not like it because colors do not coincide" or "It's not my sex, but everyone should use what she wants", and other messages are sent to Cristina Ferreira.


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