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Learn how cannabis release affects the sale of ice cream, alcohol and condoms

For decades, researchers have mapped the diverse effects of marijuana release in the United States, where, for example, fewer uses of alcohol and condoms and increased sales of junk food have occurred.

"We have found that marijuana and junk food are complementary, that is, sales of goodness are increasing with the legalization of this drug," Michele Baggio, co-author of the article and professor of economics at the University of Connecticut, told BBC News Brazil

According to the author, shortly after the release of recreational marijuana use, there was an increase in ice cream consumption, by 3.1% and 5.3%, of food by 3.1%. The analysis is based on retail sales between 2006 and 2016.

He also points out that this study was based on actual consumption data rather than the answers given by respondents from a particular sample through questionnaires and interviews.

The researchers compared statistics from counties located at the borders of states that rejected marijuana use with those located in neighboring states. The goal was to avoid that other variables could affect study results, which also took into account student breaks, seasonality and population growth.

So much so that numerous scientific studies have shown that THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), an active component of marijuana, acts in the brain region responsible for appetite and can affect hunger, odor, pleasure and satiety.

In Canada, meanwhile, after the legalization of marijuana, the cannabis scenario exploded and became a major driver of the global market. In June 2019, the Government of Canada announced an amendment to the cannabis regulations laying down rules governing the legal production and sale of weeds and extracts.

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