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"Like Me": the premiere of the second season with well-known contestants from the public

The first issue of "Like Me" ended with Gabrielle's victory, but soon Ruben Rua and Luana Piovani opened the Creative Studio with new digital influences known to the Portuguese public.

The first contestants who remembered were Elisabeta Moutinho and Tiago Rufino, both winners of two different "House of Secrets" releases. The two contestants found that in the "Like Me" they saw the opportunity to show otherwise to the Portuguese public.

After that, Vânia Sá was accompanied by Cristiane Dionísio and quickly explained that they were still not the best friends. We remind that two former contestants "House of Mysteries" performed in several discussions during their participation in the reality show.

Wilson Teixeira and Rita Rosendo also accepted this new challenge, recognizing that they have good expectations regarding this program.

On the other hand, Nuno Isus and Bruno Fernandes confirm that they want to influence the public in a positive and nearer way. Nuno Jesus even discovered that he wanted to change the stereotype that exists on reality shows, which are often related to intrigues and debates.

Filipe Vilarinho and Isabella Cardinali were the last contestants to be presented, while Isabella Cardinali says he does not like the word "influential", and Filipe Vilarinho finds it difficult to learn from her colleagues in this challenge.

In the end, leaders have released into the air for other contestants to come into the Creative Studio.

(Re) watch some of the most important moments of the premiere of the second season of "Like Me" in the videos.

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