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Make a Warning Every day, 19 cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in Paraná

29. 11. 2015. u

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Rodolfo Luis Kowalski

Paraná is expected to register 13,720 new cases of skin cancer in 2018 and 2019, according to estimates of the National Institute of Cancer (INCA), an average of 19 new cases per day. Over Brazil, about 180,000 diagnoses per year, the most common type of neoplasm in the country and the state, makes up about 33% of all reported malignancies.
This type of cancer is determined by abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells that make the skin. Since every cell in the tissue can cause the disease, there are several types of skin cancer. "The most common are basal cell carcinomas (BCCs), which make up 70% of the diagnosis and epidermoid cancer (SCC), accounting for 25% of cases." Despite being the safest, CBC is the least aggressive, "says dermatologist Valéria Marcondes, a member of the Brazilian Society for Dermatology dermatology academy (AAD).
According to an expert, the main cause of skin cancer is the lack of ultraviolet radiation protection, and sunscreen is recommended daily. But this is not the only problem or the only factor explaining why the disease affects and kills more men than women. According to Valeria, the diagnosis is more complex among them because the disease usually appears in the back, while between them appears more in the leg, which ends up facilitating signal perception.
"It is always important to look for signs of possible tumors, so ask someone in your family to look at the back for very large asymmetric spots with irregular borders, different colors, and change their appearance over time," he says.

The National Fight Day marks the beginning of December Orange
Tomorrow, the Brazilian Society for Dermatology (SBD) promotes, during Brazil, the National Day of Fighting Skin Cancer. The action, which runs from 9:00 to 15:00, marks the beginning of the #DecemberLarage campaign, created five years ago, with about four thousand dermatologists and volunteers who have added power to provide care and clarification when it comes to the importance of taking preventive measures,
Consultations will be held free of charge at 132 gas stations in several Brazil states. In Paraná, the campaign will have 9 gas stations in Curitiba, Apucarani, Cascava, Maringa, Londres, Paranava, Foz do Iguaçu and Toledo. Curitib will take care of Hospital Clinicals (Ambulatory Building -SAM1) and Santa Casa de Curitiba (Medical Center). Patient's assessment will be free and no prior obligation is required.
In addition, from December to March 2019 (ie during the summer) activities and information activities will be promoted on the internet, streets, beaches and parks. The SBD's basic recommendations include the adoption of photoprotective measures, such as avoiding high solar incidence (from 10 to 16 o'clock), among others.

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