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"Maniche said the referee did not give up," he took a training suit and scored, "Mourinho recalls

José Mourinho, speaking with Porto Canal, talks about the moments before arriving at FC Porto, recalling the songs and one revealing the Maniche idea in the first pre-season

Azores, players and FC Porto: – We were at the Ponta Delgada Airport in São Miguel on the day that FC Porto lost in Bessa [2001/2002], Mi, Leiria, we played in the afternoon and FC Porto in the evening. The players began to congratulate me and told me to go to FC Porto – I told them they knew more than me, but they said, "They lost again or tomorrow, the boss is in FC Porto"

Arrival at FC Porto and negotiations: "The solution was our sincerity, my and Pinto da Costa, when we talked to João Bartolomeo [presidente do Leiria] that we wanted players from Leiria. The coach was immediately, players such as Derlei, Nuno Valente and eventually James for the next season. When President Leiria realized that Mourinho was out there, but behind that exit could enter important club numbers, that was a fair start to the beginning of negotiations.

Copyright song: "I can look for copyright because we wrote the lyrics" Dragon's Children. "The Besieged are the owners of the song, but we are the owners of the verses because we wrote the text on the bus." I sang on a bus in Bordeaux where Pauleta was, I started to talk a little about the lyrics, "Dr. Puga added and Antero, and then we added a little more and put the song in the game "

The Prison, Penalty and Maniche: "At the end of the French Premiership tournament, against Paris Saint-Germain, we went to penalties, and someone missed the fifth penalty. Maniche said that he had scored, but I reminded him that he had already replaced him and told me is that the judge is not aware of this. We took a training suit and achieved a winning goal.

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