Friday , August 6 2021

Manuel Luís Goucha explains the choice of Maria Cerqueira Gomes to replace Cristine Ferreire

Manuel Luís Goucha is on Tuesday, November 6, at Jornal das 8 & # 39; talked about the new challenges of "Você on TV!", now having a business Maria Cerqueira Gomes starting with January.

The headmaster says the choice was not easy and that this should be a new face. Many questioned why he was not elected Leonor Poeiras, to which Goucha has drawn praise, but this did not fulfill this surprise factor who follows the Queluz de Baixo station's broadcasts.

Maria Cerqueira Gomes has become an option "because it's a new face because it will bring unmistakable freshness, her name came two months ago", starts talking to the manager. Goucha says he does zapping one afternoon just like many others and found the new face of TV aerials in Porto Canal, surprising him with his ease in direct contact. "She came for 12 years straight, she was born in Porto Canal, raised in Porto Canal until today. There was authenticity, joy, sophistication and no seriousness, which I was very interested in."

At that time it was called to see if Maria Cerqueira Gomes and Manuel Luís Goucha had sympathy, and then there was no doubt.

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