Saturday , June 19 2021

Maria Flor Pedroso decided: The RTP's Directorate is the same

Maria Flor Pedroso three women and four men join in a new direction of information RTP, The director announced on Friday (9), after three weeks of thinking, who were the journalists who followed him in the management of public editorials.

Managing information has as many men as women and gets two people from other companies. Candida Pinto, currently editor of International in Zagreb SIC, will be the deputy principal accompanying Helena Garrido, a former director Business magazine and the current public station commentator. António José Teixeira and Hugo Gilberto are also complementing the new team, and Gilberto is re-promoted after being deputy director from July to November.

Joana Garcia is the fourth woman in this direction of information, returning to the sub address, as Alexandre Brito, after the departure of only four months. Rui Romano, the director of the public channel, replaces Alexandre Leandro and is one of the new subdivisions of information on state television.

Crown Lira. Vítor Gonçalves and João Fernando Ramos leave placements in the structure of the directive. The latter is continuing with the process that will be researched by a professional committee of professional journalists to cancel bias in Newspapers 2, with an alleged inclination to members of the government, socialist militants and sponsors of their car at the events in which they participate.

For now, the appointment of two external names – Candida Pinto and Helena Garrido – deserves the disapproval of the Work Commission, which classifies them as "luxury signs"In a company that still does not include unsafe workers and continues with 10-year freeze wages.

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