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Mariza is excited about pregnancy complications – "In 18 weeks the baby can not survive"

Marisa dos Reis Nunes, known worldwide just as Mariza, was this Saturday, November 10, as a guest in the program Tell me how you presented See the whole profile, on TVI. In an intense conversation full of surprises and discoveries, the fadist talked about private life, especially the subject that marks her for the rest of her life: her pregnancy.

Martim, the only son of Marise, was born prematurely in six and a half months, and early in the day after childbirth was not easy at all.

"Marty came to weigh 492 grams. Four days after he was born, he worked on his heart," he explains. "I broke the placenta in 18 and a half weeks of pregnancy, I was out of Portugal, in pain, and I had a concert in Scotland." When he came to Portugal, he put paper on the aircraft because the liquid went away, "Fátima Lopes said.

"Both Marty and I were in danger, plus Marty, because at 18 weeks the baby can not survive," he said during the conversation. Health complications continued to appear as the baby grew. "Martim had a huge lung problem, the lungs did not grow as he should … spent six months at the hospital," at Santa Maria Hospital in Lisbon.

The Portuguese artist admits that in faith there was hope that things would go well, and the boy no longer needed breathing for just a year of life. Thankfully, he concludes: "I'm married to Our Lady, not mine."

However, since she has too much full day, both national and global, she admits she sometimes feels "guilty of not being present" in the life of her seven-year-old son, who she liked. However, he admits that if "not singing" is not "happy" and that "Martha must know a happy mother".

Mariza ends the conversation that reveals: "All that life has brought to me today is wonderful. I am a happy woman."

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