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"Married". Devastation: Dave and Ana caught up in bed – national

After all, everything was more than it had decided "Married at a Glance", SIC Reality, Eliana and Dave did not want to be together, even if they were struggling, even because the surfer was tempted by Hugo's wife Ana.

Fatal sin happened even when everyone shared the apartment in the same building. According to friends surfer, Dave and Ana he would immediately understand, and unlike what happened to Elijah – the woman he married – had direct chemistry. From there to see each other in the same room and nmutually, there were only a few days.

and there is evidence of that disbelief, According to the same friend discovered, a couple caught in flagrante delicto. Images that SIC does not want to pass by running away from the program's goal. "It's a shock to everyone," says the same friend, who guarantees that Hugo is "devastated" and felt cheated. "He left out all that he did not let him know that he was interested in Dave."

The drama was such that Eliana even dropped out of the program, but things, according to the source TV contact, were subjected until they reached the stage at which the connection ended. However, during these weeks Ana would even ask for production to not be in the same apartment as her husband, although she would later be forced to make production impossible to respond to that desire, so that the history of the program could "go on."

Divorce can be delayed

"TV Guide" also reveals that more than two weeks all in clean dishes: Dave and Ana assumed they were interested in each other. Before the other pairs. "He was seen a few times in Carcavelos with him, they did not hide to have anything, they were out of intimacy," says SIC, who was impressed with this development of the event.

However, for now, Ana and Dave live separately, and both when his friends are guaranteed not to give. "They were wrapped up, now I do not know," says the source.

The divorce of Dane and Eliane was scheduled for this Thursday, 29, but it is not yet known whether the former couple concluded a lawsuit.

Learn more in the TV guide this week. Already in the benches.

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