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NASA will return to the moon. Get to know the companies that will ship equipment to the lunar land – Computers

There are nine private companies and start-ups in the competition sponsored by NASA to transport modules with scientific equipment before returning man to the moon.

Although Mars is the next major destination for humankind, there is very little time for new missions on the moon, and NASA plans to redirect the lunar terrain. But before the return of Man to the Moon, the North American Space Agency has launched a competition for private sector companies for mission forecasts, taking over the Earth's natural robotics and scientific equipment for satellite.

Nine companies have chosen to compete for $ 2.6 billion worth of contracts over 10 years, to support NASA on return to the moon, as The New York Times progresses. Travel can start in 2019, a total of 20 trips, two years. In that sense, NASA hopes to send astronauts to the moon by 2020, but of course holding the flames on the expedition to Mars in the near future.

Nine private companies that will compete for the venture are Astrobotic Technology Pittsburgh; Deep Space Systems Littleton and Lockheed Martin of Littleton in Colorado; Draper Cambridge, Massachusetts; Firefly Aerospace of Cedar Park in Texas; Intuitive Machines Houston; Masten Space Systems Mojave from California; Moon Express of Cape Canaveral on Florida; and Orbit Beyond of Edison from New Jersey.

According to NASA's Administrator Jim Bridenstine, the idea is to create an American home system that will enable fast release to and from the moon. The return of the space agency to the Moonlight is a betting club tested by Donalda Trumpa for new technologies, as well as defining strategies that can reduce the cost of space travel and serve as a catalyst for new commercial sector research companies.

NASA's Commecial Lunar Payload Services program encourages companies to find solutions for small crafts with the ability to transfer scientific material to the lunar land. But at the same time help the space agency investigate and identify possible locations for building a base of operations.

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