Friday , March 5 2021

New AirPods could be the first "fitness handset" on the market

Although it was not present in the latest case, Apple (which introduced new MacBooks and iPads Pro), it is well known that the company is already working on a new version of AirPoda's wireless headset. And the first signs have already emerged that the news should be released soon.

According to the MySmartPrice website, the new AirPods have already received the Bluetooth SIG qualification, accredited as in the standards for the sale of any equipment that uses Bluetooth technology. According to information released by the licensing system, the new AirPods will support Bluetooth 5.0, which has a 50 Mbit / s transfer rate – twice as high as the first version of the handset.

Although using Bluetooth 5.0 is the only confirmed information about new AirPods, there are several rumors that the device will be very different from the first model.

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Last week, Apple called for the patent upgrade of AirPoda in Hong Kong and European patent offices, seeking to include the text on "social security sensors" – something not mentioned in the original patent dated August 22, 2017.

According to the article introduced in the document, sensors, monitors and general wellness instruments are part of the AirPod operation to monitor heart rate, body movement, amount of calories burned and stored and upload this information to the server. These changes may mean that, in addition to the wireless headset, the new version of AirPoda can also function as a "fitness handset" for those who want to stay in good shape.

In addition to the possible changes noted by patent update, prominent analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also revealed that the new AirPods will have quick access to Siri (the assistant will only be called with voice command without the need to unlock the iPhone). it should eventually be water resistant and should have a wireless charging base that can be plugged into the AirPower Base (an Apple device that lets you wirelessly load up to three devices at the same time as announced last year but has not yet appeared in international stores) .

No set release date for new AirPods yet rumors that Apple expects to release later this year.

Source: MySmartPrice

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