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Nokia says Huawei's 5G technology is not safe

Marcus Weldon, Chief Technology Officer of Nokia, gave strong comments on Huawei and 5G technology. Weldon, during an interview in England, states that the Huawei 5G defects are numerous.

Weldon did not go into details, but said he would approve the United States decision to ban Huawei from doing business. For the director, this decision merely contributed to a fairer market because Weldon believes Huawei has an unjust advantage: a Chinese government's capital injection.

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It is important to note that Nokia and Huawei are rivals. Not on mobile phones, but on infrastructures. Companies such as Nokia and Ericsson feel threatened by Huawei because because of the presence of the Chinese diva, they can hardly get a 5G contract in Europe because of the price.

Huawei is an infrastructure expert and has a very strong presence on the European territory. The implementation of 5G is essential to continue the successful business of the company.

Nokia Telecom is present in the Chinese market

Rumors have emerged that Nokia will withdraw its telecommunications operation from China in response to Huawei's controversy. However, Weldon quickly denied those rumors.

Weldon says the Chinese telecommunications market is "very important for Nokia". In addition, the director believes Nokia will play an important role in developing 5G technology in China.

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