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Not only grapes make wine. The farmer's keeper makes blackberry and raspberry nectar – life

According to the manufacturer, unusual "wines" are sold at local fairs and are well received by consumers.

Currently there are only two bottles (750 milliliters) of fermented blackberries (sold at eight euros per unit) and about 40 bottles (500 milliliters) of raspberry-based beverages (which sells six euros per unit). ).

This year's production is on stage and fermented will be bottled "at the end of summer 2020".

With raspberry "wine", Pedro Pinheiro intends to reach the market more focused on female audiences, "because it is a more intense" wine "with a more intense taste."

The ladies find it "interesting" because it is "softer" than traditional wines, he said.

The producer told Lucy that it was still necessary to "study well" the dishes that would follow the raspberry nectar better, recognizing that it would work well as a side dish for fish, as an aperitif or beverage at the end of a meal.

"We are working on the idea that there are different products in our area, but drinks that can respond to different potential customers," he said.

Pedro Pinheiro said that at this year's Farta fair held in September in Guarda, a gentleman "who has been selling wines for more than twenty years" told him that "raspberry wine" in the Nordic countries "has been sold twice. and at very interesting prices, but we need to change the chip when asked if it's a wine. fermented with raspberries, not grapes. "

And at this time of São Martinha, when eating nuts traditionally along with jeropig, those responsible believe that raspberry beverage can taste good with these fruits because it "has a sweet touch."

Blackberry nectar already made, in his opinion, is "very good" with any meal.

In 2015, Pedro Pinheiro created the Ambombagas Company in Avelãs de Ambom, a village of Guarda municipality with about 60 inhabitants, to plant and utilize red fruits and nuts in organic production to balance finances. family members.

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