Olympic games. Opening ceremony accompanied by minutes

The Tokyo Olympics begin this Friday, a year ahead of schedule. The opening ceremony at the national stadium in the capital of Japan, which is being held under strict restrictions due to the pandemic, is being followed here for up to a minute.

11:55 – All in Tokyo at the start of the Olympics

RTP reporter João Miguel Nunes described the atmosphere hovering over the stadium in the Japanese capital.

11:37 – Japan’s “feel” opening ceremony at the doors of the National Stadium

Hundreds of Japanese gathered today in front of Tokyo National Stadium to celebrate the avoidable Olympics from afar, taking photos and showing smiles alongside the five ‘rings’ of the world’s biggest sporting event.

“I am very sad about the impossibility of entering the opening ceremony and, above all, of the fact that Japanese and citizens from all over the world cannot participate in this party,” Miura Nishkvo told Lusa.

The 49-year-old collector came from Saga, “more than 1,000 kilometers from Tokyo,” to exchange pins of “all nations,” feeding on the illusion, thus, “helping to alleviate a little frustration at not having the opportunity to live with citizens from all over the planet.” ”.

He explicitly came to the Japanese capital on July 17 and vows to “stay until the end,” thus fulfilling his “sixth or seventh” Olympic participation, a “habit” that builds on personal monitoring of world championships.

“These games will not be good and that saddens me, because it is bad for the international image of Japan,” he concluded, while in return he gave a pin to a journalist from Bosnia and Herzegovina who offered him one of her …

11:04 – Frederico Morais misses the Olympics

The surfer tested positive for Covid-19. He was due to travel to Japan today, with the aim of joining Yolanda Hopkins and Teresa Bonvalot and completing the historic group of Portuguese athletes securing their debut.

The Olympic Committee of Portugal and the Portuguese Surfing Federation have already expressed their full support for Frederic Morais.

11:00 – Countdown to the opening of the Olympic Games

The opening ceremony should start at 12:00 in Lisbon, 20:00 in Tokyo. No audience. It can be tracked here, by the minute or in RTP1.

Reporter João Miguel Nunes, one of RTP’s special envoys to Japan, described the atmosphere this Friday in Tokyo, ahead of the ceremony.

The XXXII Olympics of the modern era – Tokyo inherited Rio de Janeiro – has 339 athletes from 33 disciplines. About 20 of the 92 Portuguese athletes will take part in the traditional procession.

Games President Seiko Hashimoto promised a “solemn” ceremony, in an event marked by a desire to show “recovery and recovery” after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, but especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.Since the beginning of July 91 confirmed a case of infection among the residents of the Olympic Village.

The theme of the ceremony will be “forward”, under the general motto “united by feelings”.

Several controversies marked the eve of the official opening of the Olympic Games. Cases of racism, sexism, and even breastfeeding children of athletes cause inconvenience in the organization.

And one of the directors of the opening ceremony was even removed.

Emperor Naruhito is the third in line to open the Olympics, after his grandfather Hirohito in 1964 and 1972 and father Akihito, who attended the 1998 Winter Games.
the order of the procession
The Greek delegation will be the first to parade. Tradition. The Olympic team of refugees and countries follows the order dictated by the Japanese language, until France enters, which will organize Paris2024, the United States, Los Angeles2028 and Japan, the last.

On the opening day of the Olympics, over 1,359 cases of Covid-19, faced with a wave of infections, were reported in the Japanese capital. The day before, 1979 infections were recorded, the highest daily number since January.168 enters Portugal with Telma Monteiro, bronze medalist in Rio, 2016, and Nelson Évor, gold medalist in Beijing, 2008, as flag bearer, for the first time in pairs – aimed at promoting gender equality.

About twenty Portuguese athletes were then present at the parade, which reduced the number of athletes allowed. Once again, because of the pandemic.
Kostina’s message to the Portuguese delegation …

The prime minister took to Twitter this Friday to send a “message of pride and trust” to a delegation of Portuguese athletes.

“The uncertainties and difficulties imposed by the pandemic strengthen our support for the whole Delegation and show your exceptional ability to overcome difficulties. The Portuguese follow you with enthusiasm. We believe in your success. We share the same dreams. Good luck!”, António writes ahead.

… and a message from Rosa Motto
The 1988 Seoul Olympic marathon champion also sent a message to Portuguese athletes this Friday, claiming she was following them “with all her spirit”.

“Given the circumstances of Covid-19, I decided to stay home, but all my spirit will be with you. Hoping you can have an Olympic experience as good as the two I had.”, said Rosa Mota in a message issued by the Olympic Committee of Portugal.

Rosa Mota remembers her presence with the Portuguese mission at all games since Atlanta, in 1996, after a career in which she won gold in 1988 and, four years earlier, bronze in Los Angeles.
Portuguese medals

Portugal has 24 Olympic medals divided into nine disciplines.

Carlos Lopes, Rosa Mota and Fernanda Ribeiro account for 25% of all podium climbs. Nélson Évora also joined this golden Portuguese trio.

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