Wednesday , May 12 2021

Ozarena, Fernanda Serrano comments on her romance with Ricardo Pereira

Fernanda Serrano was in conversation with Manuel Luís Gouch on TVI’s afternoon program this Friday and did not avoid some questions about his love life.

Live a romance with personal trainer Ricardo Pereira, the actress shone at this stage of her life and does not hide the gleam in her eyes when she talks about her partner.

“From a certain point in our lives, we decided to be with people who really make us feel good,” she began, saying when asked about what she likes most about her boyfriend.

“It’s always a fresh start,” he admitted, “but it’s good.” “If I were at home, in a similar situation I lived a few years ago, I would love to hear and know that it is possible, at any age, to start over,” he concluded.

As a reminder, Fernanda Serrano divorced Pedro Miguel Ramos in 2018. The former couple has four children together: Santiago (16), Laura (13), Mario Luis (11) and Caetano (five).

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