Monday , July 26 2021

Parties Against Civil Protection Rate. The PS insists and acknowledges that it will submit an alternative proposal

After all parties object to the creation of civil protection fees, the government believes that it is still possible to convince the PCP, the Left Bank, the PSD and the CDS about the importance of this proposal and does not rule out the possibility of presenting an alternative proposal in the debate on specialty guaranteed by the Deputy Assembly of the Susana Amador Assembly.

"I believe that it is still possible to have lasting and constant dialogue, giving the other parliamentary groups the impression that it is necessary to create this municipal contribution to protect the population. [de apresentar uma proposta alternativa]in order to include other parliamentary groups.

The government, of course, calls for the lead in the civil protection rate, the measure proposed in the state budget, but warns that – due to increased risks – it is necessary to strengthen local civil protection structures.

At TSF Forum on Tuesday, the PCP, Left Block, PSD and CDS speak of a very high tax burden and consider that the civil protection rate is a new tax.

Paula Santos of the PCP argues that, as he stands, the proposal defines the government's responsibility on a fundamental issue and, therefore, the communists reject it.

"The PCP does not monitor this contribution to civil protection as expressed in the draft law of the State Budget. On the one hand, due to the lack of government responsibility in the matter, which is fundamental and must be the means, of course, to respond to the various risks identified in our country. Another aspect: Of course, of course, you can not burden the family, the population, for an additional fee. "

On the left, Pedro Filipe Soares acknowledges the need to increase funding to ensure the quality of civil protection, but believes that the mechanism found by the government is nothing more than a new unequal tax.

"This rate considers that there must be individualized payment for the right of the population – the right to civil protection – and casts the local authorities, without any responsibility of the central state, to the realization of this right. This does not mean that we do not recognize the need to raise funds in the central state – either directly or through local authorities – to ensure civil protection that actually serves the people of the quality needed to protect this security. "

PSD arguments, presented at the TSF Forum by Terese Leal Coelho, go in the same direction.

"At present, what is most concerned is the huge tax burden that Portuguese people are already feeling in their daily lives and will get worse if this tax is approved."

João Gonçalves Pereira, for CDS, emphasizes the illegitimacy of this proposal.

"The CDS, from now on, was the first party to seek the recall of the same rate since it was understood that there was no tax whatsoever, that was tax, since there was no colleague, that is, there was no to concrete benefits, and then the Constitutional Court confirmed the same illegality and injustice. "

In defense of the measure, the state secretary for civil protection says that what is in parliament is a request for approval of legislation and stresses that after the fire and storm in recent years it became clear that it is important to empower local structures.

"Every political force assumes responsibility, as is obviousSo we see it naturally, but everyone has to realize that we are in a new era, with huge risks of multiple levels, and we all understand that we need, especially at the local level, the dimensions of municipal structures of civil protection to respond to the multiple risks that today have been given to our fellow citizens . "

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