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President Forbs says Bitcoin stands out in its fight against authoritarian governments

Although Bitcoin has taken on numerous roles over the years – digital gold, magical internet money and currency for criminals, to name a few – it has always been seen as a way out of the corrupt sides of the traditional world.

Steve Forbes, chairman of the giant news agency Forbes Media Group, recently took a look at this proposal on the value of Bitcoin – proving that not everyone in the traditional finance field believed that cryptocurrencies were a complete fraud, BTC News Article.

Bitcoin is a tool against corrupt governments

Last Sunday, October 6, ARK Invest, an investment advisor known for being pro-crypto (among other technology trends), released the latest episode of its podcast. While the issue, hosted by Steve Forbes, focused on traditional markets, Trump's politics and media development, ARK Invest raised "controversy" at the end of the program.

Concluding the episode, ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood asked Forbes her thoughts on cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. Surprisingly, Forbes positioned itself.

The Forbes editor-in-chief claimed Bitcoin was a "cry for high-tech assistance" before briefly touching on the growing mistrust of governments and their currencies:

"In the meantime, Bitcoin has played a very important role in helping people in need around the world: bypassing governments (institutions, in fact) that want to control, starve you, and hurt you."

Although he gave high-end cryptocurrency ratings as a tool against high-level corruption or irresponsibility, the media guru acknowledged that the challenge for Bitcoin and its asset class is that they must become as reliable as traditional money. and non-sovereign gold. This, he says, can be achieved by ensuring that Bitcoin is a system that can adapt and become much less volatile assets than is the case now.

This is not the first time the ARK Invest podcast has had such a comment – the company is, for some reason, brilliant at receiving pro-Christian comments from its guests.

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