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Sacrifice cities pay a million dollars to hackers

In a few days, two Florida cities have downgraded the hacker's request for payment, hoping to return access to municipal computer systems

Pay or Pay as a Victim of Ransomware? Do you have to pay? If you pay, will the problem disappear?

Ransomware: Sacrifice cities pay a million dollars to hackers

These are some of the issues that are not just victims of ransomware, but this is generally everyone, so we have even addressed this issue several times. (A short answer to these questions is & # 39; no & # 39;).

But why to approach this issue now?

In the past few weeks, two Florida cities in the United States faced a similar dilemma as their computer systems were affected by ransomware. It turned out that both cities eventually paid a lot of hackers with the intention of regaining their systems.

The first victim, May 29, was the town of Riviera Beach, where police officer opened malicious email, unconsciously releasing chaos in urban computer systems and forcing his team back. paper and pencils to make the work as standard as possible.

After three weeks and at the advice of external consultants, the municipality has authorized its insurer to continue with the payment of 65 bitchips (at about $ 600,000) to hackers behind blackmail, hoping to regain their systems, refers to New York Times.

Ransomware: Sacrifice cities pay a million dollars to hackers

A few days later, June 10, another municipality in the state of Florida also agreed to pay ransom after running out of computer systems. Lake City - still recovering from the ransom attack - paid 42 bitcoins earlier this week, according to local television WCJB TV.

With the exception of $ 10,000, the remaining amount was part of what the municipal authorities described as "a comprehensive and comprehensive insurance plan for such incidents". City officials said several attempts were made to unlock computer systems and restore them after the incident disrupted all their systems on the Internet. Actually, the city police said that two days after the attack the recovery is going on, but it seems that the efforts did not have a good result.

Neither in one incident was the kind of preventive measures or measures of business continuity, whether there were any (in fact, backups) or why they did not succeed. It was not even clear whether the post-payment efforts were successful.

According to the study recorded future, state and local authorities in the United States reported 169 incidents of ransomware between 2013 and April 2019.

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