Santo André is conducting immunization against Covid-19 in the region

The municipality of Santo André administered 15,121 doses of Covid-19 vaccine last weekend. Even more, the city continues to demand more doses, in order to extend immunization to the entire audience. So far, 550,794 vaccines have been administered, of which 407,134 from the first dose, 126,774 from the second dose and 16,886 single doses. In the city, the vaccination coverage rate for the general population is 56%, and for the adult population it reaches 74%.

“Santo André is making progress and leading vaccination in the region. The label we achieved by immunizing people over the age of 30, which started this week. More than 74% of adults have already been vaccinated with the first dose in our city. We will continue with the responsibility and structure, so we will apply as soon as the doses arrive”, Points out Mayor Paulo Serra.

Progress in vaccination is reflected in a reduction in hospitalizations of people with Covid-19. According to an epidemiological bulletin on Sunday (18), the city has 299 hospitalized people, with 189 people in beds under municipal management.

Currently, vaccination is intended for people over the age of 30 without concomitant diseases. For vaccination, it is necessary to schedule an appointment on the website which will indicate the available date, time and place. All citizens must present proof of residence and an identity document.

The health department warns of the need to maintain sanitary protocols with hand hygiene, social distance and the use of masks. To clarify suspicions and get other registration information, in addition to the Santo André City Hall portal, there is also the telephone number 0800-4848004.

Important –

Finally, the Ministry of Health does not recommend the joint use of Covid-19 and influenza vaccines. Above all, the map advises that people who are in priority groups try to get vaccinated against Covid-19 first. However, experts recommend an interval of at least 14 days between coronavirus immunization and influenza vaccine. Therefore, people infected with Covid-19 or who were discharged less than 28 days ago will not be able to take the flu vaccine.

Food donation –

Finally, people who should be immunized can take 1 kg of perishable food to donate during vaccinations and driving through places in the city. This action will further contribute to the Social Solidarity Fund initiative, which is voluntarily chaired by First Lady Ana Carolina Barreto Serra, who receives donations. Finally, the collected items are sent to the Food Bank which delivers them to vulnerable families.

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