Saturday , February 27 2021

São Paulo begins vaccination against yellow fever

The city of São Paulo will be vaccinated against this yellow fever in the fly stations this month. Bus stations, railway stations and subway stations as well as major traffic locations in the central region will be points for immunization.

The goal is to reach 95% of coverage of state capital vaccination, which is currently 58.5%. The initiative is part of a series of actions to combat arbovirus – including Zika virus and dengue fever – in the period until summer and rainy. The vaccine remains available in all primary health care units in the municipality.

This Saturday (10), the flying stations are in Largo do Cambuci and Faculdade Hotec, both in the central region. In order to receive the dose, it is necessary to carry an identification document and, if possible, vaccination and a card from a single health system (SUS).

Anyone who intends to travel to areas recommended by the vaccine should receive a dose at least ten days before the date of the trip. This is the time for the body to produce antibodies against the disease.

Since September last year, when a vaccination campaign began in the municipality, 6.8 million doses of yellow fever were applied.

Vaccination against yellow fever in Rio

Yellow fever vaccination is performed at several points in São Paulo (Arhiva /Flavia Villela / Agência Brasil)

The most significant region is the northern part, with 88.7% populations, followed by the southern side with 68.9%, then west (57.6%), east (42.6%) and southeast (43.1%). Central region has the lowest coverage, with 23.2%.

Six deaths

In 2018, the capital has recorded 13 indigenous cases (acquired in the municipality) of yellow fever, of which six resulted in deaths. In addition, 107 imported items were registered.

The municipal health department warns that the last few months have stabilized the disease due to low temperatures, but the trend is that new cases occur with the arrival of the summer.

He also points out that in the first half of September a new epizootic (Sagui death) was registered in Anhanguera Park. This indicates that the virus circulates in the capital.


Yellow fever vaccine is not indicated for children younger than 9 months, pregnant women, breastfeeding children up to 6 months and patients with immunodepression of any nature: cancer, HIV, treatment with immunosuppressive drugs (corticosteroids, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunomodulators) or who are undergoing organ transplants . Conclusions of suspicion must be subject to medical judgment.

You can check the vaccination leaflet on the website of the Municipal Health Secretariat.

edition: Kleber Sampaio

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