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Tesla already produces new batteries. But in secret … – Watcher

In the automotive industry, tradition tells manufacturers to rely less on suppliers. Parts made from the outside can have higher unit costs, but require significantly less initial investment, which is advantageous, at least under some conditions. Tesla, as well as his habit, lays on a special strategy, focusing on everything he thinks is important, either in terms of profit margins or technological independence. Therefore build your own bank, chips. software, engines and batteries.

Batteries running three brand models – as well as Powerwalls or Powerpacks stationary batteries – have so far been developed in partnership with a technical partner, Japan's Panasonic. This is the type of cylindrical 18650 and 21700 cells (now exclusively for model 3), all of them with NCA chemistry of nickel-cobalt-aluminum, which is known to have 80%, 5% and 15%.

But in May, Tesla bought the best ultracondensor manufacturer in the market, Maxwell, whose technology can probably use to produce a new kind of more efficient, energy-rich, cheaper, longer cycles, which means longer life. These batteries are already manufactured and tested on the facilities that Tesla keeps secret, some former employees claim.

The aforementioned space is located near the Tesla factory in Freemont, California, more precisely at Kato Road, a small laboratory where only a small number of technicians have access and where the solutions that are kept away from the press and, above all, the contestants are developed and tested. Additionally, the fact that Tesla has strengthened its engineers, who are connected with design, equipment, and battery cell manufacturing, can easily imagine what is coming – and not Panasonic, or battery types currently mounted on branded models.

The relationship between Tesla and Panasonic went through a less well-off period after the American manufacturer allowed the Japanese to become the largest lithium-ion battery manufacturer for electric vehicles. However, the need to enter the Chinese market led Tesla to the involvement of an Asian partner for Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai (where they will start producing Model 3 and Model Y 2020). It has prompted Panasonic to announce another "marriage" with Japan as much as in January after Tesla complained about the lack of battery models required in the United States, while the production line was designed for 35 GWh / year. and has the difficulty of exceeding the current 24 GWh.

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