Monday , March 8 2021

The councilwoman hopes to start vaccinations in 20th century Rio

Mayor Eduardo Paes said vaccination against the new coronavirus should begin next Wednesday. The date was eagerly awaited, following an approach with Sao Paulo Governor João Doria to produce CoronaVac – developed in partnership with the Butantan Institute and the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac – at the same time as the municipality points out that it will follow the National Immunization Plan (PNI) Ministry of Health.

Municipal Health Secretary Daniel Soranz spoke about the logistics expected for the next few days. During a press conference on Friday morning, the 15th, he said 450 seats, divided between health centers and driving sites, would vaccinate groups selected for the first phase of the immunization plan. The schedule, according to Soranz, is made according to PNI:

– This definition is through the National Immunization Plan. The vaccine begins to be distributed from 6 to 8 p.m. Saturday will probably be the day of the biggest vaccination. At first, what is valid is valid: older people in shelters, kimbole and indigenous people in villages and health workers – said Soranz.

And he emphasized:

– As the amount of vaccine is limited and will come according to the amount of production, it is important to limit age groups and groups. We will respect the calendar of the Ministry of Health.

The mayor of Rio briefly discussed the topic, without going into details, during a press conference at the Rio Operations Center this morning to present the second epidemiological bulletin produced by the municipality. In the latest balance sheet in the capital, the number of administrative regions classified as high-risk increased, adding 28 areas, 10 more than last week.

– Apparently, the vaccine is coming on the 20th, and Sunday Daniel (Soranz) has to present a vaccination program. In the fourth, if God wills (begins). The vaccine that is coming will be very welcome – said Paes.

And he added:

– The city will apply the vaccine that the Ministry of Health makes available. I repeat my appeal that it is a shame not to have empathy and respect for others. We are not doing a lock, but we are making the necessary rules for that moment – said Paes about a series of measures published on Wednesday, the 13th in the Official Gazette of the municipality.

According to the health minister, the immunization plan for Rio municipality will be presented in more detail next Sunday, 17. Soranz said the vaccination will be distributed to 450 places and places in the city’s driving system. Opening hours will be extended in some areas to avoid backlogs.

– If you have the vaccine in stock, do not delay vaccination. Time is being discussed, but the Ministry of Health’s strategy is for all states to start at the same time. We also expect that CoronaVac will be released and increase the number of vaccinated – said Soranz.

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