Friday , April 23 2021

The processor cores Samsung Galaxy S10 have the name of & quot; Cheetah & quot;

As you may know, Samsung did not have much success with its top range since 2018. … The South Korean gigant launched its top Galaxy S9 + at the beginning of the year with all the reconciliation and circumstances as usual.

However, this time, the company failed to convince consumers, and as a result, the Galaxy S9 became one of the Galaxy with less success in Samsung's history.

That's why Samsung learned from mistakes and should return with the authentic All-In, in the form of the Galaxy S10. To compete with all the hopes that Huawei got in the past year.

Galaxy S10 Processor

Samsung has chosen the code name & quot; Cheetah & quot; for your Exynos M4 core! New competition for TSMC and Apple?

This year, we finally saw the first 7nm processors coming into the market. As we can see the success of the Apple A12 and A12X processors, as well as the new Kirin 980 from Huawei.

On the other hand, Samsung has decided to bet on an extension of 10nm (8nm). At the same time, he completely missed his sales target for Galaxy S9 and S9 +.

That said, so the company is thinking of making a historic "return" with its Galaxy S10! Launching three of its versions in 2019, with its third handset is basically the "Budget" version, and the picture of the iPhone XR

Well, we already have new information on plans for the future of the Galaxy S10.

Known & # 39; leaker & # 39; Ice Universe, believes Samsung has named the name Cheetah for its new Exynos M4 core.

It's a simple detail that could show company plans for future smart phones … In short, Samsung will bet all at speed! As we can see from the latest rumors that the Galaxy S10 will have a co-processor focused on the Artificial Intelligence features.

In short, the new dual-core chip, manufactured with a 7nm EUV process! This will, if true, be the first chip of this kind that will reach the world of smart phones.

However, Samsung will also consider the next Qualicon platform called Fusion, when it comes to its Galaxy S10.

The new generation of SoC Qualcomm will rely on its own DSP core as well as other components that will focus heavily on computer tasks.

Has Samsung prepared to leave Qualcomm in the near future? Or should it already be done to compete with Apple and Huawei's offer?


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