Sunday , June 20 2021

The separation between Harry and William becomes more and more visible

NIn October last year, The Sunday Times reveals that Harry and William are thinking of sharing the Kensington Palace in two different parts. At that time it was anticipated that the main reason for the decision to make Meghan Markle and Harry become parents of next spring and therefore need their own space.

People magazine came back to this issue, this time resorting to the opinion of Sally Bedell, a specialist in real issues.

"Arrival Meghan significantly changed the dynamics of the relationship, which was inevitable because it gave Harry and Meghan a freedom to build their own collection of interests and solidarity", emphasizes.

"Meghan has a very strong vision of what she is interested in, something Harry has, but not William and Kate," he says.

Undoubtedly, one of the most desirable causes of the Duchess of Sussex is the right woman, as its last tour in the South Pacific shows.

"I think it's really a change of priorities and interests, William is the husband and father of three, so he's the first focus on them, Harry will soon be a dad," he says.

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