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The tomato mixture prevents diabetes, say scientists

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The group now recognizes which lycopene is the most effective and is easiest to absorb in the body

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The tomato mixture prevents diabetes, say scientists Feature: Illustrative

The compound found in tomatoes can offer a new way to fight against diabetes, discovered by scientists in France. Studies funded by the French government have shown that lycopene, a substance that gives red tomato color, fights the inflammatory process that causes the disease.

Now a $ 500,000 research project, over 2 million repositories will produce a modified lycopene tablet that will be used in human testing.

"We know that inflammation of fat cells called adipocytes closely related to insulin resistance," said the French team led by Dr. Marseille University, showed that lycopene reduces this inflammatory process and delayed the development of insulin resistance.

"When we find that lycopene activates the anti-inflammatory effect on adipocytes, we think this could affect insulin resistance – and that's what's happening.

"We were one of the first groups to show this effect and now rely on a number of other studies," Landrier added.

The group now identifies which lycopene compound is most effective and is easiest to absorb in the body to create extensive studies in people using diabetics.

At least four million Britons – and 1 out of 10 older than 40 – suffer from diabetes, leading to heart disease, blindness, limb amputation, and premature death.

The most common form of type 2 disease develops as a result of the inflammatory reaction occurring in the fatty tissue of people with excessive weight. This leads to a collapse of the signaling mechanism of insulin, designed to prevent toxic blood glucose build-up, which can have fatal consequences.

Dr. Miriam Ferrer, a FutureYou Cambridge scientist – a British company that has already developed a lycopene supplement called "Ateronon" – said the latest discovery was "exciting".

"From research with Cambridge and Harvard University, we are aware of the anti-inflammatory properties of our lycopene or" tomato pills, "as it is generally known, can be useful in treating diabetes," he says.

"All of the work on lycopene has been in preclinical cells or cells," he added. "The ability to switch to human testing is now very exciting." Diabetes UK, a charitable organization that supports patients with this disease, has also welcomed the study.

Georg Lietz, an international nutrition professor at Newcastle University, said further work was needed to demonstrate that lycopene addiction could actually bring benefits, but will be a new and exciting research to treat diabetes.

"It has potentially anti-inflammatory action." There is some evidence that he can influence the development of obesity and that there is a clear link to his benefits in reducing the damage to cardiovascular disease, "said Lietz.

"At the moment we do not have much understanding of its impact on fatty tissue [gordura] and this research will be interesting. "

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