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Trolley – solution or problem? Vietnam is a slow business (Sporting)

Of all the reinforcements that arrived at Sporting during the indoor season, 25-year-old Argentinean Luciano Vietto was by far the most vocal name, and therefore the one that most fueled his interest in the demanding mass of Leon fans. However, the player is slowly falling a lion in the chest and at this point, with two official games already played, the question is legitimate: after all, is Vietto the solution or the problem?

Hired, of course, to add to the quality of the squad, the Italian-Argentine may be a problem at the moment, after coach Marcel Keizer himself admitted that he is a player, who joined Sporting under a contract with Atlétic Madrid to resolve a dispute arising out of Gelson's move Martins, preferentially acting as a striker or, as an option, in support of No. 9, but eventually started using against the left wing, especially in preseason appointments.

The fact is that the reaction of a technically advanced player was not expected, as he could never impose his talent on the collective, to the point that when he was eleven selected he began his first official challenge of the season, with Benfica, for the Super Cup, Luciano Vietto sat on bench and did not leave. In the second official game, a substitute was used, he came in in the 73rd minute to replace Eduardo. And stressed doubts.

«What is this mess? Sporting has 10 on the field with jersey 8 (BF8), which wants a winning goal, needs more presence in the area and throws 10 that is not. but who has a dorsal 10 to play as a 10 and close to a 10 to play with a number 8. And Bas En left alone to fish? And lastly Coates is the one going up! It's Not Guilty … & # 39 ;, it could be read in A BOLA in individual appreciation of Sporting players.

In that sense, and since Luciano Vietto is a quality player, long-desired in Alvalade – he was named Sporting several times even when Jorge Jesus was a coach, in a transfer that, at the time, did not bear fruit – Another question may be asked : Does Marcel Keizer use the most features of this footballer?

Of course, as time goes by, Sporting cannot win games and Luciano Vietto has yet to show anything. And the investment was not so low as Sporting paid 7.5m euros for half of the pass.

Is it a matter of time? The answer will only show time. For now, Vietto is far below expectations …


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