Wednesday , May 12 2021

Unions urging nurses strike have filed a new proposal for custody – Observer

The two union nurses who called for a strike between November 22nd and December 31st provided the government with a joint proposal for a career diploma and the salary level they considered "balanced" and "ready for publication".

Speaking to Lus, Lúcia Leite from the Portuguese Association of Nurses (ASPE), who together with the Portuguese nursing nursing union (Sindepor), called for nurses to be squeezed into five hospital hospitals. the next health minister, Marta Temido, analyzes the proposal and said that by January 22, when the strike starts, there is still plenty of time to negotiate.

However, the trade union official understands that the "closed proposal" and "ready for publication" that have submitted two structures "reasonably and balanced" and "reflects the general principles that the unions of nurses have introduced" and does not differ much from the other previous proposal ASPE.

According to Lúcia Leite, the "only blank chapter" in the submitted proposal refers to the transitional rules that trade unions can only fill if they know from custody what is accepted in the document.

The union official explained that the proposal would be released only within two days, as the structures do not want to interfere with the negotiation of minimal strike service with disclosure of the document.

However, he noted, for example, that the remuneration table proposed by the two structures is practically the same as in 2010, with two significant changes: it introduces the nurse category, meaning that the career has three categories of two, and removes two lower reward rates career nurses.

The aim is for these professionals to have salaries at the beginning of a career similar to those of other health professionals, said Lúcia Leite.

ASPE also wanted to clarify that unions, while acknowledging the initiative as "good, innovative, and enthusiastic," have no intervention in the fundraising campaign initiated by a group of nurses, neither in the collection nor in the allocation of funds collected, was an unlawful trade union action.

The only way that trade union structures could turn into financial support for stopping would be the strike fund they set out in their statutes.

The strike includes Lúcia Leite, Northern Lisbon Hospitals Center, São João University Hospital Center (Porto and Valongo), Coimbra University Hospital Center, Portus University Hospital Center, and Setúbal Hospital Center.

The goal of raising at least EUR 300,000 has been exceeded, with donations of mostly nurses, but also doctors, anesthesiologists and other experts, as well as friends and relatives.

The strike is largely focused on planned operations, but the unions also demand that the effects are felt in additional surgery services in hospitals that are not covered by a strike warning.

This service is provided outside the normal hours of the patients' long-waiting and paid operations far beyond the usual nursing services, which function almost as a "private service" within the National Health Service, explained Lúcia Leite.

"For ethical reasons, unions call nurses in five hospitals to suspend this additional surgery service so they can not be accused of wanting to get economic benefits because they do not stop paying for surgery.

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