Wednesday , May 12 2021

Valkyrie is the new legend of the 9th season of Apex Legends

Season 9 from Apex Legende, to be baptized Legacy, will arrive early next month, a SHE it’s on Respawn, are working full steam ahead in the new season. In yesterday’s announcement, where it was also revealed that beta testing of Apex Legends Mobile, the company made some more announcements, including the new legend of season 9: Valkyrie.

Valkyrie’s real name is Kairi Imahara, who grew up as the daughter of the famous Titan pilot, although at one point she stole her father’s ride. Unfortunately, he finally disappeared from her life, leaving her with many questions.

Valkyrie will be the legend of Apex Legends season 9

In addition, next season’s Apex Legends will include more connections to Titanfall. As for how the new legend will play, we don’t even know what her powers are, but her key art and introductory advice is that she will be able to fly and possibly control some kind of drone. Here’s a little more information on what’s all included in Apex Legends: Legacy:

  • A new legend – Bold, abrupt and fierce, Kairi Imahara grew up in the shadow of her father’s legacy. But now she is ready to start her own legacy.
  • Olympus attacked – Spread of infection, suffocation of the city with natural roots and growth.
  • New weapon: Bocek Luk – A powerful and deadly weapon for those who have the ability to handle it. Capable of inflicting enormous damage from a medium distance, you will need to count each bullet.
  • Legacy of Battle Pass – Fight through daily and weekly challenges to win exclusive prizes like Apex packages, XP amps and skins!


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