Tuesday , May 18 2021

Weather radar Porto Santo protects alluvial wood

The president of the regional government today opened a meteorological radar in Porto Santu, "one of the biggest technological achievements" that will allow predicting very high water loads or rainfall levels, preventing and taking appropriate protection and protection measures, people and goods.

Madeira, according to Miguel Albuquerque, has better prerequisites of anticipation thanks to a set of infrastructure that has improved conditions to prevent disaster in the protection of human and communal infrastructure.

The radar that is open today in the presence of several entities, such as the Marine Minister, Ana Paula Vitorino, is an advanced system that allows, within a reasonable time, the adoption of "precautionary measures to protect people and goods in the best conditions and avoid people's circulation in areas of potential catastrophe "Said the official.

As for his position, he says Porto Santo is the best area to cover the entire archipelago, except for Selvagena.

Funding for this project was carried out through European funds, whereby Albuquerque took the opportunity to demonstrate the importance of joining Portugal and Madeira in the European Union (EU) as a space of solidarity and cohesion, given that the European project is better than 70 years ago.

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