Wednesday , September 18 2019
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"You are not my kind"


André Ventura did not like to comment on the host of SIC.

Cláudio Ramos, program commentator & # 39; Red Cross & # 39; SIC, spoke on Wednesday about the leader of the birthplace of Chege. "I do not like Andrew Ventura, I do not like what he says, I do not like what he defends, I think he is very badly represented, he is very poorly represented by several people who might have voted for him." type of stage ". t

Those who disliked the leader were André Ventura, who responded to Claudius Ramos through social networks. "Unsustainable Cláudio Ramos said today that I'm a very dangerous politician and he does not like me. Do not worry, Claudio, you're not my kind," Ventura wrote.

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