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The match already started in the World Cup final. The players came in determined, ready to perform. Mr Matei and Buziuc (7) had a chance to open the score, but goalkeeper Târnovanu made a recital at the door. The game quickly shifted to the second half. Carlone has a goal in the ice (13), but goalkeeper Vânceanu also stands out.

Shortly thereafter, indigo shot with Carlone in the foreground. The return shot shakes the crossbar (20). The game has rhythm, life and possibilities. Shot on goal after 45 minutes: 3-4!

Klinceniul has the initiative on the other side. Vojtus, 50, also targets the bar. The sun beats coaches. Teja takes off her hat, Poenar slams his hand in front of the net. On the lawn, Merloi, 64, is about to resurrect, but Târnovanu returns to his seat.

Unfortunately for Iasi, the future FCSB goalkeeper a few minutes later can do nothing. Corner, the ball was deflected by Vojtus' head, Fl. Achim is out of position and misses the goal, scoring the only goal of the match in the 71st minute.

Poenaru is happy, giving directions, shaking more and more. The Ilf people are running out of time, Teja is resigned and disappointed. The classes have only been successful in the last nine stages! They missed the opportunity to get close to the play-offs. Instead, Poenar slaps the allies who kicked him out of the Pro License Exam Ground! He is still "pulling in" with the recently promoted Clinceni, the city with the smallest population in League 1 history.

"I clearly dominated the game because I played football! We created our biggest opportunities, and in the second half we started to put pressure. I did advanced pressing and I played very high. It was normal to score the way we played. I had an attitude and a win. is extremely deserved. "
Ilie Poenaru, Clinceni's coach

Academica Clinceni – Poli Iași 1-0


Clinceni Academic: Valceanu – G. Matei, Okan, Patriche, Pârvulescu – Cebotaru, Merloi – F. Achim, Buziuc, R. Ion – Vojtus

reserves: Ear – Răuță, Dobrescu, C. Dumitru, L. Buș, Deretti, Nsiah

coach: Ilie Poenaru

Poly Iasi: Târnovanu – Gallego, Frăsinescu, Diallo, Bădic – Carlone, Loshaj – Horșia, Passaglia, Popadiuc – A. Bălan

reserves: D. Rusu – Chelar, Hațiegan, Bîrnoi, Didac Devesa, A. Radu, Platini
coach: Mihai Teja

stadium: Clinceni Arena (Clinceni – Ilfov)
referee: Marian Barbu (Brașov) // assistants: Daniel Mitruți (Dolj), Alexandru Voda (Alba)


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