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Andreea Bălan, hallucinatory messages to Viviana Sposub and George Burcei. We have proof PHOTO

Andreea Bălan refrained from making public statements about Viviana Sposub, George Burcea’s girlfriend. However, the artist does not have a good opinion of former competitor Fermi at all, and this was seen from discussions with a fan.

Andreea Bălan, hallucinatory messages with a fan

Although she has a nice relationship with Tiberiu Argint and sees her life, while her ex-husband has also rebuilt his life, it seems Andreea Bălan can’t get over the relationship with her girls ’father. She is upset in the midst of his relationship with Vivian Sposub. Even if she never showed it publicly, the jury from the group I Know You from Somewhere doesn’t care about the young presenter.

Andreea Bălan knows everything that moves on Instagram, and this can be seen from the discussion she had with a fan, who is also a fan of George Burcea’s couple – Viviane Sposub. This infuriated the artist who wanted to attract the attention of fans.

The woman left comments of gratitude to Andreea’s ex-husband, but also to her girlfriend, and Andreea saw it. He asked the fan to delete his comments and explained to him that he could not be her fan, as long as he expressed his gratitude to Viviana and George.

Andreea Bălan, up to date with everything that is happening on the pages of George Burcea and Viviane Sposub

The conversation between Andrea Bălan and her fan is scandalous, and the objections the star is making to her are really shocking. In addition, a jury from I Know You magazine unveiled books about her opinion of Viviana Sposub, who she said was “not a presenter and has no activity!”

She picked up a fan and asked what she could appreciate about Vivian, given that she has no activity. The star also said she doesn’t understand how her fan can send messages of admiration to both herself and her ex-husband and current girlfriend.

She asked the woman to block them on Instagram and emotionally blackmailed her by telling her that “a true fan never supports people who denigrate her idol,” according to messages posted exclusively on

“Then delete any messages you’ve ever left on their site,” Andreea also sent, a sign that she’s aware of everything going on on George Burcea’s profile, but also Viviane Sposub, as Instagram has given up on a good feature that allowed the user to see activity of their friends.

Andreea Bălan and George Burcea divorced less than a year after the marriage. The two began to have problems as a couple, and the actor began to be away from home at night. In addition, a huge scandal occurred when Burcea was caught under the influence of drugs while driving. He said his wife reported him. By participating in George Burce Farm and Viviana Sposub they fell in love and stayed together since the end of the show.

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