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Apple calls the phones

In a rare move, Apple's giant reduces the cost of iPhone devices in several countries. This is the second time in the last 12 years when Apple is turning to such strategies. Sales of iPhone sales fell by less than 15 percent, below $ 52 billion.

The Chinese market share is the largest, with revenues of just over $ 13 billion, down by almost a third.

The head of the company, Tim Cook, pointed out that the power of the US dollar, in line with falling in other currencies, has in some countries made the iPhone more expensive.

That is why Apple announced that it would analyze this phenomenon and cut prices for some countries, especially for China and Turkey, where the national currency fell against the US dollar.

So Apple counts on those markets to freeze the price of the new iPhone at the course last year, hoping to increase sales of iPhones in those areas. The company's advantage is that all other products and services rose by 19%, jumping for $ 10 billion.

Overall, the number of globally active devices Apple has reached 1.4 billion units, out of which 900 million are just the iPhone.


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