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Arabs are hard for Nicolae Stanci! She wrote a notice

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Nicolae Stanciu did not confirm Al Ahli and was informed by technical staff that he was free to look for a team. The decision also came when the midfielder fled the team about two months ago, unsatisfied that he did not receive his money.

The midfielder believed that he had made a financial strike when he signed a deal with Al Ahli, but the time spent in Arab countries showed him to make the wrong decision. Stanci not only did not adjust, his yield was very weak, but also collided with the fact that no pay was paid.

As a result, our interns left the team, wanting to make an alarm signal. At the end, things were financially regulated, but Stanci was proclaimed "persona non grata". Accordingly, he will no longer enter the team's plans for the upcoming season, forcing the Arabs to leave. He just will not leave him free, wanting to spend nearly 4.5 million paid.

"Technical staff led by Brako Ivankovic announced that Nicolae Stanci is free to look for the team, failing to enter Al Ahli's plans for the next season"notes the Arabs.

The Arabs do not forget and forgive

Nicolae Stanciu was the protagonist in the spring of an incredible moment for his team, Al Ahli. 26-year-old midfielder simply escaped from the team, without any compensation. Mirel Rădoi knows best about the situation in the team, where he played in the 2014-2015 season and believes that the Arabs put a "trap" on Stanci to punish him.

"If you run away, you will do nothing but give the club the opportunity to punish you." They were waiting for him to make the first step to reduce part of his salary ", said Mirel Rădoi, exclusively at the football club. Now the Arab club puts the enthusiast in a rogue situation, which for the club in Europe makes it difficult to pay the amount requested by Al Ahli.

Nicolae Stanci back to the Czech Republic, but not in Sparta Prague, but in Slavonia?

According to Blesko, Czechs are absolutely wanting to return the Romanian "decar", and the talks have lasted for some time. The quoted source notes that at first it was considered that this variant was "crazy, total fantasy", especially since it came from the Czech Republic at the same time, but also the rival of Slavia Prag.

The problem of the return of Stanisic Stanisic to the Czech Republic is explained by the quoted source. So it seems that he was first sought by Slavia's rival, and after that, when he learned the news, Sparti and Sparti joined.

The quoted publication states that there are three sources that confirm that all is true, and these days a true portable bomb is being tried:Last week there were contacts between Slavia and Al Ahlija"Big issues are related to the amount of transfer, because the Arabs want to get the most out of their investments."

Nicolae Stanci came from FCSB in Anderlecht in August 2016 for 10m euros (with bonuses). In January 2018, after the incredible development of the event, the 26-year-old midfielder went to Sparta in Prague for 3.75 million euros.

The transfer of Nicolae Stanciou to Al Ahlija since the beginning of this year has caused a lot of talk in Romania. According to his employer, Ananiya Prodan, the Saudis would pay him 10m euros, while John Becali says it is only about 4.5m euros.

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