Friday , August 6 2021

Attempting a bank robbery in the capital. The thief's reaction when the employee pressed the panic button

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bank robbery Baia Mare<! – bank robbery Baia Mare ->

A man with a seemingly coarse subject came to the headquarters of the Bucharest Bank 3 on Tuesday and asked his employees to cash in the cashier's office.

Officials managed to push the panic button and the man ran away without hurting anyone and avoiding money. Police are looking for him and will be researched for attempted robbery.

"At 112, at about 4.40 pm, employees of a banking institution in the third district reported that a man entered a subsidiary's branch office and asked the cashier's office at the cashier's office and had an object that looked dangerous. for panic, the man escaped, On Tuesday, representatives of the General Police presented Tuesday.

According to them, no one was hurt or stolen.

At this time police officers investigate the crime of attempted robbery and the identification and detection of the suspect.

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bank robbery Baia Mare<! – bank robbery Baia Mare ->

Seymour Hersh, the Pulitzer Prize winner

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