Monday , January 25 2021

Codrin Ştefănescu: "We did not discuss the abolition of the city hall, that is the aberration of the Fire"

Codrin Ştefănescu: PSD can not talk to Iohannis. Relations with the president cooled

Codrin Ştefănescu: PSD can not talk to Iohannis. Relations with the president cooled

Deputy Socialist Secretary-General of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) said the party was not discussed by abolishing the Bucharest City Hall with emergency decree, which is the departure of the mayor of Bucharest.

"There is no such debate in this group, there is no such idea, and that is aberration. In short, Gabriele Fire's interview does not deserve any comment," Mediafax Deputy PSD Secretary Codrin Ştefănescu said.

Mayor of Bucharest Gabriela Fire announced on Saturday evening that PSD leader Livio Dragnea at a meeting with mayors of the sector announced that he wanted an urgent rule by which six city districts in Bucharest become cities and the Bucharest City Hall has only an ornamental role.

"Mr. Dragne said at a meeting with some mayors of the sector that he wants to abolish Bucharest, that it is so disturbing to my person that he has nothing to do but to persuade me to prepare an emergency code by which the six sectors will become cities, become an administrative- territorial units, which is unconstitutional. The constitution is not changed by the rulebook for emergencies, unless it is considered that our country no longer (…) knew that this could only change by referendum. "A few days ago, he said that the text of the Order of Emergency, by which the City Councilor of Capital will be abolished or will become an ornamental institution and six capital sectors in order to obtain the status of the city, dividing both legacy and budget with legal personality, "Gabriela Fire told Romania.

Edil said that five mayors were present at the meeting, except Robert Negoite.

"Imagine you would like to meet someone from where you come from? One says that I'm the other, I'm Aradan, I'm constant … What kind of thing does this want Mr. Dragne wants to completely destroy me," Bucharest Mayor added.

Gabriela Fire also said that from the information she had, the chairmanship of PSD Bucharest branch would take over Sector 6 Mayor Gabriel Mutu.

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