FRF wants Gica Hagi to be national! What's happening with Cosmin Contra

Article – Andrei Crăiţoiu, Dan Udrea, Remus Răureanu Wednesday, November 07, 00:00

Enthusiasm of the greatest in Romanian football could soon turn into spectacular cooperation. Razvan Burleanu-Gica Hagi would be a couple for the future of the team!

Nearby, they both talk about the intention of the Federation to propose the "King" electoral office at the end of Cosmin Contre's mandate.

The final for the current coach can mean the last leg in the League of Nations, according to the results of the last two stages, home to Lithuania and Montenegro. Romania has only theoretical chances to win in the group, it should have two victories and a good result. "Tricoloros" are in third place, one point below Montenegro and two points below Serbia.

Holding such a position or even a second place would have to be allocated in the fourth Euro2020 ballot box, which will commence in March 2019.

Fourth Urn, so the "tricolor" status will be extremely difficult to qualify for European, as there would be three more band in their group, of which at least two should be exceeded. The decision to end co-operation with Contra has not yet been taken over in the Federation, but Burlean and his men have already thought about replacing them: they will offer Hagi. He will continue the future as a club owner, and should only delegate one of his coaches to Dobrogei.

He has already approached the Federation

The Federation's plan is also based on the structure achieved by citizens, senior citizens and juniors, with more and more players passing through Hagi's hand and warming up relations with Gicom.

He was Burlean's opponent in the first part of Răzvan's "rule" at the "Football home", often criticizing the behavior of bosses FRF and all their decisions. He changed his mind, especially after Burlean defeated Lupescu in the elections and confirmed his position as a football manager for another four years.

Hagi did not speak with the anti-FRF and returned to the national team, saw the match from Serbia at the stadium after years of watching the team's team on TV. "I can not go to the stadium while playing national, while Popescu where he is," he announced after Gicine's conviction.

Does the world accept it?

Hagi received the 2017 Trainer Award in the Gazette Survey and, at the end of the interview, commented on the possibility of becoming a menu in the future:

"Maybe if I'm not in the future, do you want to have a club and make a national selection, what would you do when you see the conventions, how would you make the link?"

The conflict of interest mentioned in Gica has evaporated, since all national series depended on a group of football players from Viitorula.

He is the Federation's major supplier whether or not to choose it or make it to another person. Unlike recently, he was impressed with the titles of Băluţă and Drăguş, two players from Viitorula who were not the basic people in the national youth.

It's a young man

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Future and FRF teamed up in the Euro 20 U21 qualifying campaign in 2019 and otherwise than providing Hagi with the players. Gica gave the stadium to the Federation and Ovidiu, which became a small "tricolor" house. Hagi attended parties elected by Raodoi, including those with Bosnia and Wales who played in Cluj and Ploieşti. At the latest national team action, 18 trainers and young men trained at one time in Viitoru, whether they were produced in the center of the young Dobrudja, or somewhere "hooked" Hagi and resumed their career.

Match Contraine Death

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The newspaper recently wrote that Fortuna, a betting company that sponsored the FRF, has introduced quotes for potential substitutes for Contre. According to bookkeeper, favorites were Dan Petrescu and Răzvan Lucescu. Fortuna abolished the bid and is doubting that the decision would be the result of the intervention of the Federation, which both sides denied.

For example, he was entertained by the fact that the FRF partner anticipated his dismissal: "I may know that Fortuna is preparing something to stop wearing a coat, and I'm not such a guy in the chair … I've personally proposed the conquest of the League of Nations, and if I can not do it, everything can happen, my goal is to lead Romania to Euro 2020."

Did he really support Lupescu?

Hagi in the past campaign announced the FRF presidency that Viitorul will vote with Ionut Lupescu. However, he did not join the campaign as well as other colleagues from & # 39; 94, who apparently appeared with Jonathan. Plum, Chiva and Mircea Lucescu were close to Lupescu and in the pre-election campaign, and at the vote of the General Assembly, Hagi watched events remotely. He wanted to be very clear: I'm not in the boat! I was the team leader, I can not get on board! ".

They often liked it

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Burlean and his assistants were Hagi's goals at the beginning of his football leadership, but also took into account the views of the King. When the Feds planned to employ Market Haindlo in marketing in the Czech market, Gica was angry: "We killed ourselves!" Does a bikini girl come to football? ".

The FRF president concluded that Hagi was a mizologist and then gave up on rental in Prague. Pigeon was also troubled by Croat-Belgian Zorislav Kovaci, the head of the junior federal department whose competence doubted since the beginning.

He made a scandal when Kovač asked Iana to wear a suit on the action of the younger series. The Croat claims it was an educational method, but FRF rejected it.

He counted as a selector, he quickly concluded

Hagi re-conducted the national campaign in the 2002 World Cup qualifying campaign, which he missed "tricolor". Puppy replaced Bolon during the preliminary matches, secured a qualification on the battlefield and then surprisingly lost a double hand against Slovenia, so low formations from Romania at that time. Srecko Katanec won 2-1 in Slovenia, 1-0 for us, and then 1-1 in Bucharest, in a game ruled by Romania because he probably did not dominate anyone since then. Mircea Sand lost her trust in Gica, so there were many press and press releases. The "King" left the post after a very short experience.

"Of course, Hagi can be a menu!"

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Burlean has admitted the opportunity to collaborate with Hagi and before their relationship became a co-operation, instead of the hostilities that began in 2014 after Razvan's victory in the election, accompanied by Gice Popescu's prisoner, a former colleague and a "king" In the DigiSport show, Burlean is questionable whether Hagi could lead the nation in the future. "Of course!" Was the answer.

Prepare control failure?

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Hagi would have two choices as a selector and protector of the future. The solution can come soon enough. Gica sold parts of the Viitorul club, a share of 10 percent, and hopes to give up on the company. He became a club in 2009, enrolled in the Third League, promoted to the first men's and won the championship in 2017. The title was endorsed by TAS in a dispute in which Becali challenged the provision, claiming that all direct results should be considered for punishment, not just two in the playoffs. The FRF supported Gica in the Swiss court.

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