Tuesday , May 18 2021

GDPR has put a brake on email marketing – marketing

Traditionally, the last two months of the year are very intense in terms of email marketing campaigns. In 2018, the most active monthly rank was overwhelmed by the new European legislation on collecting and processing personal data, known as GDPR – shows the White Image analysis.

According to White Image, the email marketing agency in Romania, fourth quarter last year, although marked by special events such as Black Friday and the entire winter shopping season, was below the first quarter due to the amount of emails sent, by adopting legislation on GDP.

According to company statistics, in the fourth quarter of 2018, White Image customers sent customers nearly 240 million emails to their databases, while the first quarter totaled more than 300 million emails.

"The BDPR's performance was felt in the last quarter of 2008. Compared with the previous year, the volume of messages sent via the White Image platform dropped by about 7% in the fourth quarter due to a decrease in the number of databases on the one hand, years of winter campaigns, and not many retailers prefer to send electronic greeting cards during that time. "Below 5% of the emails sent in December were congratulations," explains Andrei Georgescu, founder of White Image.

And the ranking of the months experienced changes during 2018. As companies had to inform their customers about BDPR, the beginning of the year was very upset and March was the most demanding. According to the White Image data, the Top 5 months to the amount of emails sent in 2018 are in months, March, May, February, November and January. November is ranked fourth in the wake of intense black market campaigners. December 2018 was barely 8 as the number of recommendations.

Retailers generate the largest amounts, but most of the campaigns come from the financial sector

According to the founder of White Image, in the last two months, retail sales were the most active in terms of emails, but the financial sector had the largest number of campaigns.

"If we are referring to the number of emails sent during this period, retail sales were the most active due to increased communication frequency, but if we look at the number of campaigns sent, the most active field is financial: this is the domain where the company can send more than 20 different campaigns per day clients – highly segmented, but – receives no client's email in one day.

Depending on the digital orientation of each business. For example, in the finance field, companies have digitized all communication and business processes and have upgraded email databases and companies that do not have email addresses for as much as 10% of their clients, "he explains. Andrei Georgescu.

The founder White Image also explains that the situation in any area is rather unbalanced. In each area there are 1-2 companies that have managed to collect and manage large databases of hundreds of thousands and even over one million contacts, and the rest with very small amounts.

After 2018, turnover of the company amounted to about 600,000 euros, which is 11% more than in the same period last year. White Image also proposed a two-digit increase in 2019.

"I am firmly convinced that we can grow to about 10% Our forecast is based on the fact that we started working with a large number of customers in the corporate area at the end of last year and because we have new services that can contribute to this growth However, , we are interested in the profit rate – because we are an independent agency we finance ourselves, "concludes Andrei Georgescu, founder of White Image.

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