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Great questions for the great Premier League

Big League clubs in the Premier League could face huge problems if FIFA stops with its plan to change player credit rules.

According to the Daily Mail, the World Force intends to drastically limit the number of footballers the team can send in the form of a loan to other bands.

If there are no limits at this time, the quoted source says that, from the 2020/2021 season, they would have a maximum of six or eight players who could borrow.

Loans between two clubs will also be limited to just two in the season.

The great premier formations have developed a true tradition of lending to players, and the prospecting of young people who are not held in strong bargains are borrowed from lower ranked groups where they have the opportunity to develop for the elderly.

Chelsea is a champion in the loan, and currently has fewer than 39 footballers who have been in this form in other clubs.

If the rule is to be implemented, London will have only one and a half to resolve more than 30 players who will have to sell or let the other team.


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