Thursday , February 25 2021

He's 25 with Ianul

One generation of idols, Laurenţi Duţă from Southeast Europe, celebrates 42 years and believes he has spent more than half his life with his wife Ianul. Basically, his project, southeastern 3rd, the longest Romanian boy, is younger than the love of two.

Lauren considers his long relationship, cemented by the arrival of Lorene, their pretty girl, an essential part of his professional success. And if we take into account the wave of short breaks and the combination of Romanian showbiz, their quarter-century relationship can be considered a real record.

Laurenţiu Duţă, a record of solidarity in the showbiz: the fourth century was Ianula, his wife. Together from high school!

Although 12 married, it does not stop us to celebrate the 25th autumn when we are together. Let's go to the first of the 1000 lei given by the mayor for a silver wedding, "he was entertained by the soloist, most prestigious and most popular pop composer in Romania for the last 20 years.

Lauren's love story with Ianul began in Năvodari for high school celebrations, where the song "Speak the Sea" was played by Cătălin Crişan. It was close to him and Michael Jackson, their kuma, "are both fan club members dedicated to megastar.

Today, the Duţă family also lives on the waterfront in Navodari Music, a town whose summer theater is called … Laurenţiu Duţă! And where the hostel will soon be open and bear the name of the daughter.

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