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How I went to Firefox from Chrome and why I advise you to do the same

After many years of using Chrome alone, I decided to change the camp and switch to Firefox. It's better, so I advise you to do it.

For years, we've only used Google Chrome regardless of the device: laptop, desktop or phone. Chrome was my internet access. I liked it pretty fast and well, and I had all my passwords and email addresses there. However, over time, the app began to change more and more. While Mozilla has brought all kinds of improvements to famous Firefox.

What is the reason for the change?

First of all, I did it because I was tired of watching over the Internet, and when I was looking for something on Google or when I went to a specific page to see ads on that product wherever I go.

Secondly, I told myself that I would not give them water to mill companies like Google, which through advertising earn $ 1 billion on my back.

Google has the most popular browser (62% market share for Chrome), the most popular search engine (92% market share) and the largest advertising company. You understand that they will use the information they collect about you to sell more ads and increase your revenue.

The vast majority of $ 110 billion in 2017 revenue comes from advertising.

Google knows all about you for cookies. These snippets of code can do many useful things, such as remembering what you have in your shopping cart. However, many cookies today belong to companies that identify your browser and accompany you on any site you encounter.

Third-party cookies appear on 92% of the world's pages. The BBC has six tracking cookies, as well as the eMAG pages, and even the pages of banking had such a tracker. Some sites have as many as 20-30 such searchers tracking every click and everything you work on your site. Frankly, what pants I buy from H & M should be interested, not anyone else.

You will be followed by hundreds, if not a thousand cookie seekers who know all about you for a month.

Why Chrome on Firefox

I went to Firefox because it has tracking tools that are included in the browser. You can set the aggressiveness of the cookie block. I was strictly and very happy (I warned that some places might not work, but I did not have any problems). Pages are loading faster and I can stay calm.

I tried to make that transition in the past but failed to successfully pass my email and password to Chrome. This time everything went well.

Another element that redirected me to Firefox is an extension called Facebook Container and prevents you from being Facebook. If you did not know, social network spies you, even if you do not have an account. Facebook uses cookies, "like" buttons, "shares" and other add-ons on sites to track you. Everything you do is familiar to networking to get you to know better. If you do not have a profile, you will get a shadow profile.

Facebook container prevents these keys from spying on you.

I tried the Brave Browser (which also has the ability to block the searcher by myself) but I quit because it could not translate the webpage. I often come to the side of the page and need translations for German, Chinese, Japanese and so on.

Even Firefox is not perfect and there are some things I do not like (the way I see my internet addresses), but I'm happier with it than with Chrome.

As far as the search engine is concerned. I tried to give Google search, but I was not happy with the results. I'm going to experiment with Bing and Yandex to see how they do it.

If I did not convince you to try Firefox, just install the tracking extension. Bitdefender has launched an anti-tracker in the latest version of the security solution.

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