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How is Mozilla's new Mozilla Firefox browser very fast

How is Mozilla's new Mozilla Firefox browser very fast

Most Android users simply use Google Chrome as the default browser because, well, it works. However, there are many alternative browsers for the Android platform, and now we have Mozilla Firefox Preview which is extremely fast.

One of the major components that contributes to good navigation experience is speed. If a site requires too much time to load, most people give up and look for an alternate site.

Although web hosting plays a role in the speed of web page loading, and the browser used is crucial to loading speeds. Those who put more speed than other features can be thrilled to find out that Mozilla recently announced a new fast mobile browser called Firefox Preview.

This is a minimized version that has only essential sections of Mozilla's common Firefox browser. Also, the emphasis is on privacy and speed.

According to Mozilla, Firefox Review will be twice as fast as its regular browser. In addition to speed, focus is on privacy, and tracking protection is enabled by default.

This is not the first attempt by Mozilla to create privacy-based navigators. Mozilla has previously launched the Focus Viewer, but later realized that users are not only secure, but have a lot of browsing experience and are extremely fast.

This is how the Firefox Preview was finally created. Currently, Firefox Preview is quickly available for beta testing for Android devices. Mozilla has announced plans to launch the public version of Firefox in the fall.

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