Tuesday , March 2 2021

How to get there credit for the face in just two minutes. The company introduces a credit with face recognition

"4 The application allows interaction of mobile, tablet or laptop computers, regardless of where the applicant is. The user ID is based on a photo taken on the front of the camera camera.The selfie comparison is compared to the ID and possible images from the database using algorithms known By using blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and biometrics, 4Apply provides all the details to explain the customer's digital identity, and the finance contract with the bank, leasing company, online store etc. is digitally signed, "says Adrian Bacăianu, Starbyte manager.

In a new version, the company is a fundamentally reimagined client onboarding process providing banks, leasing companies and e-commerce institutions with a full web-based credit and rate analysis and approval system,

"The Romanian Software Platform, developed in the Krunity Ecosystem, integrates and interprets essential information about the applicant, from bank data (personal data, companies, etc.) to the Credit Bureau, ANAF and KeysFin to determine client creditworthiness. risks (redemption capacity, fraud, etc.) 4 Apply deleted scopethey human error and saves thousands of hours work by reducing the process scoring at a few clicks, allowing the operator to provide the client with the required funds in just minutes, "said Băcăianu.

The platform also includes features such as videostreaming, chatbots, and 360 look at the buyer, depending on the bones required by the bank. In addition to this, besides credit support, the platform enables the creation of electronic files and archives so that recipients, banks, financial institutions and e-commerce users can always access data about those who apply for loans or purchase goods in installments directly from their own servers.

4It acts as a document management system. Additionally, 4Apply allows users to connect their networks (branches, landlords, retailers), and integrate the data into real 24/24.

3 million Romanians have taken loans through the 4apply

According to Starbyte's data, the number of queries on the 4Apply platform since the first edition has exceeded 6 million today.

"We are the success team for a" credit loan. "We have been looking for a system that can access consumer credit and enable as many customers as possible to buy the products they want, we have revolutionized approval time by reducing it from 4 days to 30 minutes. , the 4Apply platform has over 380,000 hits per hour, and more than 6,000 credit files are processed every day. With the new 4Apply, we are making the borrowing process even more spectacular, "said Băcăianu.

Established in 2010, Starbyte is a Romanian company specializing in software development for information management, document management and banking process management, insurance and risk management.

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