"I don't want them stroking me! He probably wants to kick me out because I have a beard and he beat me up with his wife."

Alex, 39, says he does not agree to his resignation and has criticized Astra's leadership and the situation in which League 1 coaches are.

"I'm still the Astra head coach. I was told nothing else. I'll be joining the team on Thursday, at 11 we have training. It was supposed to be this afternoon, but it has changed. It is a shame that the program has changed. I was not informed that I was no longer an Astra coach. It's a beating! Coaches in Romania are ridiculed!

Many are upside down and have passed on the command of the chief. Give up your money and your work when your employer wants it. I post too much soul and respect too much work to do it. There can be no boss. You're probably looking for a reason to kick me out. There are no sports reasons. It will be said that I have a beard or that a woman has beaten me"Dan Alex said on TV Digi Sport.

16 pointsin the first 12 rounds he got Astra, who was 7th in the league1

"I was mocking, even though I beat Steau, Dinamo and CFR Cluj. I don't want to be kicked. I may not be the best coach, but I have the dignity. It's not my kind of humiliation. had a CV very thin. "
This Alexa

"For three weeks, Ioan Niculae criticized me in the newspaper and said that I was weak and did not know how to make the team. I have some goals that I have not deviated from.
This Alexa

"I had a principled discussion with Mr. Niculae. Everything has been settled. We have discussed here what is important, the details of what we want to do in the future. The first and foremost goal is access to the play-offs."
Bogdan Andone


Cornel Dinu explains the problem to Alex Day: "Look where Budescu was! The atmosphere from the grill and the sweet lighthouse is not transferable to games"

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