Friday , June 18 2021

“If he gains strength, he will make a strong career!” An FCSB footballer who will reach the top

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Olimpiu Moruțan (22 years), criticized Gigi Becali, he still has to shoot until he becomes a top footballer. That is why Gigi Becali is recommended to keep him for another season just to gain more muscle mass.

Tip for Olimpia Moruțan, if he wants to make a strong career. “To perfect!”

“If he puts a little strength in his legs, Morutan will be one of the good footballers in this country. Olimpio is a footballer! I criticized him for being naughty in the game, but he is a footballer, remember what I tell you!

He should improve in a year and be one of the best footballers in the national team! “, said Dumitru Dragomir, former president of the Professional Football League.

The nickname “Corleone”, who did not hesitate to praise Gigi Becali, said this time that the financier of the red and blues made a mistake when he “inflated” the player’s price.

“There were mistakes in the chain. Some footballers are inflated for a higher price, others are inflated and have a much higher price than the praised ones.

My opinion is that Morutan should stay for another year and Gigi should not criticize him. He will make a strong career in Romania! “, Dragomir also said, for

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